Making things official, the FCC has announced that the Office of Management and Budget formally approved FCC Form 177 on November 19. And with the publication of that announcement in the Federal Register, the form is now “effective”. Form 177, of course, is the form that TV owners planning on participating in the reverse auction will have to file by January 12, 2016. Also effective as of December 2, 2015, are a handful of auction-related rules adopted last August, namely §§1.2204(a), (c), (d)(3), and (d)(5) and 73.3700(h)(4) and (6).

Of course, regular CommLawBlog visitors knew about OMB’s approval of Form 177 ten days ago, so this isn’t much of a surprise. Still, it’s yet another indication of the inexorable advance of the auction process. (For more information about Form 177 and steps you can take to get familiar with it, check out this post.)