Despite 2012 interference to Newark airport GPS system, Gary Bojczak skates with lowball $2,360 fine – if he keeps his jammer off for three years.

Readers with long memories will recall Mr. Gary P. Bojczak, who operated an illegal jammer in order (apparently) to defeat the GPS tracking device his employer had installed in his pickup truck. (The employer presumably wanted to track Mr. Bojczak’s whereabouts and general driving habits during the course of his work-day.) His downfall occurred when he drove near Newark Liberty International Airport and his jammer caused interference to a GPS system being tested for aircraft operations. That kind of interference tends to get the authorities’ attention fast. Mr. Bojczak incurred a proposed fine from the FCC of $31,875.

We are pleased to report that Mr. Bojczak and the FCC have entered into a consent decree under which Mr. Bojczak admits the violation and promises never to do it again, and the FCC reduces the fine to $2,360, payable in four installments over a year. The remaining $29,515 is suspended but becomes payable if Mr. Bojczak is found to violate the jammer rules within three years.

No doubt this comes as a relief to Mr. Bojczak – not to mention those of us who fly in and out of Newark.