In case you missed this detail in Matt McCormick’s recent article about the upcoming FM translator application filing window for AM Class C and D station owners, Wednesday (July 19) is the start of a temporary freeze on acceptance of applications for minor modifications of existing FM translators and LPFMs, and for FM booster construction permits.

To be precise, the freeze starts at 12:01 a.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on July 19, and won’t thaw out until August 2, after the window closes for the AM owners’ applications for new FM translators.

That cross-service FM translator window doesn’t open until July 26, but the FCC’s usual practice is to freeze mod. applications earlier (7 days, in this case — for the math challenged) so there’s a stable database of FM translator/booster/LPFM frequencies and locations for the engineers to work within while preparing applications to file during the window.

So, heads up, you have just a matter of days to file that minor modification application you’ve been thinking about, unless you want to chill-out and wait until August for the freeze to melt.