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Winter is Coming . . . Freeze on certain FM Translator/FM Booster and LPFM Applications starts July 19th

In case you missed this detail in Matt McCormick’s recent article about the upcoming FM translator application filing window for AM Class C and D station owners, Wednesday (July 19) is the start of a temporary freeze on acceptance of applications for minor modifications of existing FM translators and LPFMs, and for FM booster construction … Continue Reading

Brrrrrrr – The Chill Is On

The FCC has announced an immediate freeze on certain FM allotment proposals -- and an eventual freeze on ALL FM applications -- in light of the upcoming December filing window for 67 FM channels reserved for non-commercial use.… Continue Reading

Class A Displacement/Expansion Freeze Lifted

  The FCC has lifted the freeze on Class A displacement applications, site changes, and power increases, as of August 4, 2008. The lifting of the freeze will allow the following: Class A stations that are displaced because of interference may apply to change to a new channel, using either analog or digital format. Class … Continue Reading

DTV Freeze Lifted

By Lee Petro

The FCC has lifted the freeze on the submission of DTV maximization applications and channel changes, effective May 30, 2008.  Applications which expand the previously-authorized service area of the post-transition DTV station, or propose the change in the post-transition DTV channel, can now be submitted.  All applications and petitions submitted between May 30, 2008, and June 20, 2008, along with those previously-filed applications and petitions which also included a request for waiver of the filing freeze (in place since 2004), will be given the same cut-off date.  After June 20, 2008, applications and ...… Continue Reading