We are very proud to congratulate our own Peter Tannenwald on being recognized by American University Radio in Washington, DC. for his many years of work with radio station WAMU, the local NPR affiliate found on 88.5 FM. Peter was presented with a ceremonial (but functioning) microphone at the WAMU Community Council meeting on May 8 and was feted with some very kind words from station leadership.

J.J. Yore, general manager of WAMU expressed that, “no one has served WAMU longer, through more peaks and valleys, than Peter. For fifty – yes, fifty – years, he has quietly, patiently, and diligently helped WAMU increase its significance to Washingtonians.”

“It has been both a pleasure and an honor to serve seven General Managers of WAMU over the past fifty years,” said Tannenwald. “Through helping WAMU, I have tried to put my specific professional skills to work in support of a vital community institution.  I’m very pleased that someone as skilled as Matt McCormick will be continuing this tradition of public service, as WAMU grows and evolves into a multi-platform 21st-century information service.”

This is simply the latest in a series of radio accolades for Peter after being inducted into the WBRU Hall of Fame last year at his alma mater, Brown University.