Anne Goodwin Crump

Photo of Anne Goodwin Crump Mrs. Crump has represented both commercial and non-commercial clients in a variety of transactional and regulatory matters. These have included guiding clients through the purchase and sale of broadcast stations, assisting with the license renewal process, and advising on the DTV and repack transition processes. She also has assisted clients with day-to-day regulatory matters, including political broadcasting, children’s television matters, EEO reports and audits, and helps clients develop strategies for meeting their goals while complying with FCC rules. Mrs. Crump has filed comments on behalf of clients in a variety of FCC rulemaking proceedings, which have included both broad policy issues, such as ownership regulations and broadcast localism, and station-specific matters, such as non-routine changes in community of license. She also has engaged in written advocacy for clients, whether arising from contested transactions or FM translator interference issues, or other matters.  

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White Spaces Reminder: Deadline For Registering Distant OTA Receive Sites Fast Approaching

If you're a TV licensee providing over-the-air feeds to one or more distant translator/LPTV/Class A stations, cable head-ends or satellite local receive sites, heads up. You need to act soon if you want those sites to be protected from unlicensed "white spaces" devices.… Continue Reading

Parsing Form 397

Here's an opportunity for the FCC to clean up at least one aspect of its EEO "Broadcast Mid-Term Report" (FCC Form 397) that seems oddly and unnecessarily confusing, if not flat-out inconsistent.… Continue Reading

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The FCC's re-vamped process governing complaints relating to closed captioning -- first announced in November, 2008 but still not in effect -- inched closer to implementation recently, but only after one component of the process was sent back to the drawing boards.… Continue Reading