Jeffrey Mitchell

Jeffrey Mitchell Jeff Mitchell has been practicing telecommunications law since 1999 with a practice that now specializes in federal and state broadband policies and regulatory compliance. Jeff has successfully represented numerous statewide broadband healthcare networks that obtained federal funding through the Department of Commerce and the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Rural Health Care Program. Jeff has represented program participants in audits and recent FCC enforcement actions in the Rural Health Care program and advises numerous program participants regarding program compliance. Jeff advocates for a regional network trade association on federal broadband policy and has assisted the Schools Health Libraries & Broadband (SHLB) Coalition to influence FCC efforts to reform the Rural Health Care and E-rate programs.

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New Developments in Broadband – June

Capitol Hill We continue to expect that House Democrats will pass their “Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s America Act” (LIFT America Act) infrastructure proposal, however, any deal with President Trump on infrastructure remains on hold.  The House bill includes $45 billion in broadband funding – $30 billion in reverse auction funds to be administered by the … Continue Reading

New Developments in Broadband – May

Broadband on Capitol Hill House Democrats have unveiled their $2 trillion dollar infrastructure package called the “Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s America Act” (LIFT America Act).  A House hearing was held May 22 with testimony from, among others, former FCC Commissioner Clyburn.  The legislation includes $45 billion in broadband funding: $30 billion in reverse auction funds to … Continue Reading

New Developments in Broadband – April

Broadband on Capitol Hill Although optimism for a broadband infrastructure spending bill this year is fading, it is still a possibility.  Senate Minority Leader Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Pelosi (D‑CA) plan met with President Trump today  to discuss infrastructure legislation.  Schumer recently said that an overall infrastructure plan (including broadband and traditional infrastructure such … Continue Reading