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Jamie Troup Mr. Troup's practice encompasses comprehensive representation on transactional, regulatory, and litigation matters for the full spectrum of companies involved in electronic communications to the public. Mr. Troup has represented clients in litigation before numerous courts and agencies on a broad range of matters, including billing disputes, ratemaking, contract and tariff breaches, network interconnection, regulatory investigations, tower zoning, appeals of adverse regulatory state and federal agency actions, carriage of programming, and U.S. landing rights for foreign satellites. He has also negotiated and implemented a wide variety of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, interconnection agreements, spectrum and other asset sales, and service agreements for both communications providers and customers of telecommunications services.

Fun Fact James Troup caught a blue marlin off the coast of Hawaii.

Examples of Mr. Troup's litigation experience:

  • Represented several local exchange carriers in administrative agency and court litigation involving federal preemption, billing disputes, and interconnection.
  • Obtained first and only court stay of an FCC license auction ($10 billion).
  • Defended clients against alleged antitrust violations and during investigations by the FCC and state regulatory agencies.
  • Prosecuted appeals of adverse regulatory state and federal agency actions.
  • Obtained a favorable settlement of cellular tower zoning litigation after countersuing under federal civil rights laws the local government that alleged that the client's tower was improperly zoned.

Examples of Mr. Troup's transactional experience:

  • Negotiation of numerous multi-million dollar transactions involving the sale or partitioning of wireless spectrum.
  • Negotiation of numerous interconnection and reciprocal compensation agreements required by the Telecommunications Act of 1996.
  • Negotiated with U.S. and foreign governments to reduce limitations on the broadcasting of U.S. programming in other countries.
  • Successfully negotiated and obtained from the Canadian Government the first license for a U.S. company to use a Canadian satellite to provide DBS to the United States.
  • Responsible for all transactional, litigation and regulatory work involving the building of a fiber optic network jointly owned by 130 independent local telephone companies, including their $1 billion acquisition of telephone lines and switches.
  • Negotiated agreements for banks, major retail chains, municipalities and other major purchasers of communications services and technology that significantly reduced their costs and produced new revenue streams through the resale of those services to the public.
  • Structured numerous joint ventures between electric companies, municipalities and telecommunications companies for the over-build of the incumbent systems for the provision of telephone service, cable TV and high-speed internet access.
  • Successfully negotiated implementation of regional health information networks for numerous Cleveland hospitals.
  • Developed wireless cable TV market for publicly-traded corporations through mergers, acquisitions and leases.

Examples of Mr. Troup's regulatory experience:

  • Responsible for compliance with incumbent local exchange carrier rate regulation, CALEA, CPNI, tariff and cost support filings, universal service, and access reform issues.
  • On-site defense of local telephone companies during FCC field audits.
  • Resolution of the specialized legal and regulatory problems affecting wireless telecommunications companies, prepaid debit card companies, online service providers, voice messaging companies and other enhanced service providers.
  • Counseled real estate developers and building owners regarding their inside wiring property rights and building access by competing communications companies, and helped those clients implement telephone and cable TV systems on their properties as an additional revenue source.
  • Developed strategies for new satellite systems, negotiated with competitors for orbital positions and contracts for satellite construction and launch, earth stations and transponder leases, and prosecuted satellite license applications for the K-band, DBS, V -band and Ku-band at the FCC and the ITU.

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