Susan Marshall

Photo of Susan Marshall Since 1978, Ms. Marshall has specialized in communications law. She has represented commercial and noncommercial radio and television broadcast stations, handled Federal Communications Commission applications, and has counseled clients concerning all aspects of FCC rules pertaining to broadcasting. She has also advised broadcast clients concerning compliance with the FCC's Equal Employment Opportunity requirements, and helped conduct on-site seminars for clients concerning EEO matters. She has counseled clients concerning transactional matters and has assisted with the defense of broadcast license renewal challenges and the representation of mutually exclusive broadcast applicants in FCC comparative hearings. Ms. Marshall also assisted with the representation of the National Radio Broadcasters' Association which was a radio-only trade association of more than 2,000 stations throughout the United States until it merged into the National Association of Broadcasters.

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Online Public File to Bring New Scrutiny to Issues/Programs Lists

Believe it or not, the date by which all radio stations must have their complete public files online is now less than six months away. Television stations have been dealing with this reality for several years now, as have large stations in large markets for the past couple of years. Now, every radio station, both … Continue Reading