Tom Dougherty

Tom Dougherty Tom Dougherty represents cable companies, broadband access providers, EBS licensees, BRS licensees, CLECs, CAPs, mobile carriers, satellite systems, purchasers of enterprise communications and outsourced services, and broadcasters in transactional and regulatory matters and before the FCC, State PUCs, cable franchising authorities and the Federal courts.

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White House Deliberates Centralized 5G Network Proposal

Telecommunications companies today got a rude awakening when Axios broke news that the Trump administration is considering a recommendation to centralize and build a 5G wireless network. According to multiple news outlets, members of the U.S. National Security Council (NSC) presented senior White House officials with recommendations to centralize the United States’ 5G network in … Continue Reading

Broadband Stimulus 101: Who Gets What Where, and How?

Federal broadband stimulus cash is being doled out, by two different agencies under two different programs, based both on geographical/demographic considerations and on the level of broadband service already available in the areas proposed to be served. The fun comes in trying to figure out who gets what under which program.… Continue Reading

Technology Procurement Transactions: Some Practical Tips

If you're the person in your organization responsible for buying sophisticated software-controlled products, you routinely face a host of complex considerations, many of them unique to your operation. But no matter what unique features you deal with, it is important to recognize that certain issues and concerns apply to virtually all such transactions.… Continue Reading

Stimulus Tip: Towns May Be Willin’, But Don’t Forget Dillon!

A cautionary note with respect to an obscure, but potentially important, quirk in U.S. law that could mess up some plans to access Stimulus Package funds. Dillon's Rule could effectively bar, or at least seriously complicate, efforts by private entities to successfully dip into the deep pool of stimulus funds through the device of public/private partnerships.… Continue Reading