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Deadline Announced for AM Revitalization Comments

Attention all you AM radio nostalgia buffs and others interested in the future of AM radio, who hopefully read our post of October 10 about the FCC’s proposals to allow higher power operation by smaller AM stations by reducing nighttime signal protection for 50 kW Class A AM stations.  The FCC’s proposals have been published … Continue Reading

What’s Next for AM Radio?

Late on Friday, October 5, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in a five-year ongoing effort to “revitalize” the AM radio broadcast service.  The new proposals continue a trend toward allowing higher power operation by smaller stations, by reducing nighttime signal protection for some 60 Class A AM … Continue Reading

Broadcaster Urges FCC to Okay Permanent AM Synchronous Boosters

As part of the FCC’s initiative to revitalize AM stations, Puerto Rico station owner Wilfredo Blanco-Pi petitioned the FCC to allow AM stations to employ synchronous boosters, not just on a temporary basis, but permanently. Now, the FCC is seeking comment on the proposal to amend Part 73 of its rules. Comments must be submitted … Continue Reading

AM Update: How to File Form 338

It’s not necessarily as easy as you might expect. couple of weeks ago we reported that the effective date for revised Section 73.1560 and the new Form 338– had been announced in the Federal Register. (Short term memory problems? That date is March 3, 2016.) The FCC has now reconfirmed the date in a public … Continue Reading

Update: AM Revitalization Hits the Federal Register

Effective dates, comment deadlines now set It’s been nearly three months since the FCC released its long-awaited AM Revitalization Order. And while the Audio Division staff has done what it could in terms of moving things along, the full range of regulatory changes adopted by the Commission have not taken effect yet because the FCC’s … Continue Reading

At Long Last – AM Revitalization!

Translator windows, interference protection changes, MDCL … and adios to the ratchet rule Two years in the making, the FCC’s AM Revitalization decision (full name: “First Report and Order, Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making, and Notice of Inquiry” – let’s just stick with Revitalization Decision, shall we?) has finally worked its way through the … Continue Reading

Restoring Vitality to the AM Revitalization Effort

The radio industry has been waiting for the FCC to finally release its long-awaited AM revitalization order. However, much of the optimism that was felt when the AM revitalization proceeding was initiated years ago appears to be screeching to a halt. Within the world of AM revitalization, nothing appears to outshine the ever-increasing reliance upon … Continue Reading