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Matt McCormick Mr. McCormick has practiced broadcast communications law for over thirty years, assisting media companies in complex regulatory and transactional matters. Previously, he worked as a broadcast journalist and has been a radio station owner.

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FCC Ponders Revising Several NCE and LPFM Procedures

Anyone who has filed an application for a new noncommercial educational (NCE) station or a new Low Power FM (LPFM) station knows that many traps beset the unwary throughout the process.  If you fall into one of those traps, your chance of success can be severely injured.  On Valentine’s Day, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” … Continue Reading

Noncommercial Stations Beware: When ‘Underwriting’ Spots Turn into Advertising, a Big Penalty Can Follow

Many noncommercial educational (NCE) stations – and their lawyers – were caught by surprise last week when the FCC issued a $115,000 civil penalty against an NCE licensee. The Cesar Chavez Foundation (CCF) was hit for running underwriting spots promoting for-profit entities. CCF agreed to the monetary penalty as part of an FCC approved consent … Continue Reading

At Long Last – AM Revitalization!

Translator windows, interference protection changes, MDCL … and adios to the ratchet rule Two years in the making, the FCC’s AM Revitalization decision (full name: “First Report and Order, Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making, and Notice of Inquiry” – let’s just stick with Revitalization Decision, shall we?) has finally worked its way through the … Continue Reading

EAS Rules Revised

After analyzing the performance of the Emergency Alert System during the 2011 nationwide test, and after twice soliciting input from interested parties, the Commission has decided to tweak the system.… Continue Reading

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades – Yes! Broadcast Construction – No!

A scathing 23-page Memorandum Opinion and Order emphatically demonstrates that the FCC takes very seriously certifications included in applications. Importantly, the decision conclusively establishes that, if you don't build the facilities specified in the CP the FCC gives you, you risk losing whatever facilities you did build, along with the underlying CP.… Continue Reading