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Third Circuit Asked to Delay Implementation of Media Ownership Rules

As we previously reported, the deregulatory changes the FCC recently adopted to its media ownership rules are due to take effect on Feb. 7. Prometheus Radio Project and Media Mobilizing Project, however, have filed an appeal of those rule changes in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit and, as expected, have now … Continue Reading

Shut Up And Deal

Like a hard-core poker player on a losing streak, the Commission isn't going to let a recent string of defeats discourage it. Au contraire, the FCC's going double-or-nothing: it has asked the Supreme Court to review the Second Circuit's 2010 indecency decisions in the Fox and NYPD Blue cases.… Continue Reading

Dogfight In The Supreme Court

Two days into its 2009-2010 term, the Supreme Court sank its teeth into a case which could have a profound impact on all First Amendment free speech rights, and particularly those of the news media. Kevin Goldberg attended the argument in U.S. v. Stevens - read his report here.… Continue Reading

FCC v. Fox – The Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court has issued its long-awaited decision in FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc. The good news here is that the Supreme Court's ruling changes very little on the indecency front. But the bad news is that the decision effects a major shift in a seemingly mundane legal doctrine, a shift that could affect FCC regulatory activity in all respects for years to come.… Continue Reading