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Pursestrings 2016: New Application Fee Schedule Announced

Normally non-controversial biennial action spiced up this year by partial dissent from Commissioner O’Rielly Thanks to Congress, the FCC has got to charge application fees and, also thanks to Congress, those fees have got to be adjusted every two years in light of changes in the Consumer Price Index. The last time the Commission tweaked … Continue Reading

Pursestrings Update III: Adjusted Fee Schedule Is Apparently NOT Effective February 18, 2009

The latest word is that the adjusted application fee schedule which the Commission adopted six months ago, and which was supposed to go into effect on December 30 -- no, wait, make that January 29 . . . no, no, that's not it . . . wasn't it February 18? - will NOT be going into effect on February 18 after all.… Continue Reading

Application Fees: Up, Up and Away!

With just about everything else getting more expensive by the minute, why should filing applications with the FCC be any different? And sure enough, on September 22 the Commission announced that it was “making adjustments” to its application fee schedule to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index. In this case, “making adjustments” is just … Continue Reading