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FHH to FCC: Think Again

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth has filed a Petition with the Commission, asking it to review the social security number/FRN component of its new Ownership Report (FCC Form 323) for commercial broadcast stations.… Continue Reading

A SORN In The FCC’s Side?

On November 19 the FCC published a "System of Records Notice" (SORN) regarding the revised Form 323. The timing of that publication may, under the Privacy Act, force the Commission to delay the filing deadline, at least briefly, or make some changes to its CDBS filing system.… Continue Reading

Revised 323 Approved By OMB

Surprising many oddsmakers, the OMB has approved the FCC's revised Ownership Report (FCC Form 323) for commercial broadcast licensees. The new form still isn't ready for prime-time: the FCC first has to issue a public notice, but that could come any day now, with the deadline for filing at least 30 days after that notice.… Continue Reading

Revised Form 323 Revealed

Remember last May, when the Commission issued its Report and Order about biennial Ownership Reports? Sure you do. And do you remember how that new form would require anyone with any attributable interest in a broadcast licensee to provide his/her/its own separate and distinct FCC Registration Number? Ummm, neither do we . , , but that's what the revised form would require.… Continue Reading