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HD Radio: Yet Another Tweak Proposed

In the latest effort to get HD radio's actual performance to come close to its original promise, some of the system's cheerleaders have advanced a new approach: asymmetric sideband operation for FM stations. The Media Bureau wants to know what you think of that idea.… Continue Reading

HD Radio Upgrade: FCC Concentrates and Asks Again

A consortium of radio licensees and equipment manufacturers asked the FCC to please, please, please boost the maximum permissible digital power of FM stations using "HD Radio" technology by a factor of ten for some, but not necessarily all, stations. Having already asked for, and received, one set of comments on the proposal, the Commission is looking for more.… Continue Reading

Comments Invited on Proposed HD Radio Power Increase

Last June a group of broadcasters and equipment manufacturers filed a letter request seeking changes in the technical specs relative to FM digital broadcasting. The Commission has now opened that proposal up for public comment. Comments are due by November 28, 2008; replies by January 4, 2009. In a tacit admission that the HD Radio ™ digital … Continue Reading