Now’s the time to toss in your two cents’ worth on possible asymmetric sideband operation

Earlier this month we reported on the Media Bureau’s invitation for comments on a proposal (advanced by the proponents of HD Radio) to allow “asymmetric sideband” operation for digital radio operators. That would mean that an FM station providing digital signals on its sidebands would be permitted to use different power levels on each of its digital channels. The Bureau’s invitation has now been published in the Federal Register, which triggers the 21-day comment period. The deadline for comments is December 19, 2011; reply comments are due by January 3, 2012. Historically, the Bureau has shown a decided proclivity to embrace modifications to the HD Radio system proposed by that system’s proponents and cheerleaders, so don’t be surprised if the newly-proposed tweaks get adopted promptly. (Another tip-off: the fact that the Bureau is affording only a relatively abbreviated 21-day comment period occurring immediately before Christmas, and an equally abbreviated reply comment period spanning Christmas and New Year’s Day.)  Check back here for updates.