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Comments on FCC Proposed EEO Form 397 Elimination due by April 30; Reply Comments Due May 15

In March 2018, the FCC proposed eliminating the Equal Employment Opportunity Mid-Term Report (also known as Form 397) and now those wishing to voice their opinions can do so until April 30. As we’ve discussed before, this is part of the FCC’s ongoing Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative (spearheaded by Chairman Pai). Currently, Form 397 … Continue Reading

Online Public File to Bring New Scrutiny to Issues/Programs Lists

Believe it or not, the date by which all radio stations must have their complete public files online is now less than six months away. Television stations have been dealing with this reality for several years now, as have large stations in large markets for the past couple of years. Now, every radio station, both … Continue Reading

A Midsummer Surprise From The FCC: A Revised Version Of The Public and Broadcasting!!!

The Commission has released a new version of The Public and Broadcasting, revised as of July, 2008. All full-service radio and television licensees (commercial and noncommercial) and Class A television licensees should have a copy of this latest version in their local public inspection files. You can download a PDF copy from the Commission’s website, … Continue Reading

New Version of Mandatory Public File Document Released

By Ron Whitworth

An updated version of "The Public and Broadcasting," a Commission publication which all broadcasters must place in their public inspection files, was released on April 24.  All broadcasters must replace the former version of the document with the revised version immediately and also must be prepared to provide copies to any member of the public who requests one.
The Commission also announced that it will provide two "Broadcast Information Specialists," one in the Media Bureau's Audio Division and the other in its Video Division, to serve as contact points for the public to ...… Continue Reading

Form 355 and Website Public File Posting: Soon in the Crosshairs at OMB

By Anne Goodwin Crump

Last November, the FCC announced that it had adopted a new "enhanced" programming report for TV licensees, and also that it would require TV licensees to post pretty much all of the local public files on their respective websites.  From March 13 until May 12, we all have an opportunity to send comments on the resulting paperwork to the FCC, which will then pass the comments on to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to let them how we feel about these new burdens.

OMB gets involved because the new ...
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Public File Online, Main Studio Off-Line?

By Jeffrey Gee

In addition to the new program reporting requirements the FCC is imposing on TV licensees, the FCC is introducing a new requirement that TV licensees post their public files on their websites (if they have websites).  This raises an intriguing question: if a station's public file is readily accessible online, should the station be required to maintain a "main studio"?


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By Harry Cole

Back to the future is where the Commission appears to be taking the television industry. The FCC has announced a major overhaul of the quarterly issues/programs list requirement for TV licensees. Instead of the quarterly report which stations have been required to compile (and place in their public inspection files) for a couple of decades, the Commission will now require the completion - and submission to the FCC - of a quarterly, FCC-designed form listing "various types of programming", including: local civic programming, local electoral ...

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