New certifications for radio assignment/transfer applicants

Over the last couple of years, the Commission has, in its “Rural Radio” proceeding, taken steps to facilitate the acquisition, by Native American Tribes, of radio broadcast stations designed to serve primarily Tribal Lands. (You can read about some of those steps here, here and here.) The most recent of those steps were taken late last year but, as we reported last January, they did not all become effective then because of the Paperwork Reduction Act. Now, at long last, the Commission has announced that the Office of Management and Budget has approved some relatively modest changes to FCC Forms 314 and 315. Those changes should assist in the implementation of the service-to-Tribal-Lands initiative by requiring certifications concerning whether the station to be assigned (through FCC Form 314) or transferred (through FCC Form 315) is subject to “Tribal Priority” restrictions. The revised forms are in effect as of December 4, 2012.