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Calendar Updates

Comment deadlines have been set in the Tank Radar proceeding (ET Dkt. No.10-23) and the "Rural Radio" (MB Dkt. No. 09-52) proceeding relating to the new 307(b) "tribal priority". And the rule changes adopted in that latter docket will be effective April 5.… Continue Reading

Extreme Makeover (Not!) – Radio Edition

Remember the "rural radio" rulemaking, launched in April, 2009, which looked to overhaul the FCC's Section 307(b) standards? The initial Report and Order in that proceeding has been released - but those standards were largely untouched. On the other hand, the rules have been changed to assist Native American Tribes get an upper hand in some AM and FM allotment proceedings.… Continue Reading

Brrrrrrr – The Chill Is On

The FCC has announced an immediate freeze on certain FM allotment proposals -- and an eventual freeze on ALL FM applications -- in light of the upcoming December filing window for 67 FM channels reserved for non-commercial use.… Continue Reading