Petitions address out-of-band emissions, set-top boxes, and vehicle communications.

We reported back in April on rule changes in the 5 GHz unlicensed band. Seven Petitions for Reconsideration recently appeared on public notice. Comments will be due 15 days after the public notice appears in the Federal Register, which will probably happen in late July or early August. Because the comment period will be short, we are giving you a heads-up now so you can begin to prepare your filings.

Four of the petitions question the stringent out-of-band emissions limits in the higher-powered 5.8 GHz region of the band. (The former rules had an option that entailed more lenient limits.) Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, JAB Wireless, and Cambium Networks Ltd., all seek a return to the earlier limits. Mimosa Networks, Inc. asks for limits that increase for more directional antennas. The Association of Global Automakers, Inc. has a different concern, that out-of-band emissions from 5.8 GHz might cause interference to vehicle operations in the immediately adjacent band at 5.9 GHz.

On other issues, Motorola requests that manufacture, marketing, sale, and importation under the old rules at 5.8 GHz be permitted to continue beyond the presently-allowed two years, preferably for five years, while EchoStar Technologies LLC wants a clarification relating to set-top boxes.

We will let you know the deadline for comments, as soon as the folks at the Federal Register tell us.