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Still Searching for Mr. Goodwrench?

We offer no comment on the story (“FCC’s Martin Named ‘Porker of the Month’”), which appeared in TVNewsday on October 23. We do, however, observe that Commissioner Adelstein is quoted there as having said of the decision to sponsor the Number 38 Digital TV Transition Ford Fusion: “This doesn’t seem like the most efficient use of … Continue Reading

Number 38 Crashes, Leaving FCC at 0-1 on the NASCAR Circuit

The headline on our update late last Friday (10/17) on L’Affaire NASCAR (“L’Affaire NASCAR: The Yellow Caution Flag Comes Out”) appears to have been more predictive than we imagined. On Sunday (10/19) at the TUMS QuikPak 500 in Martinsville, the eleventh caution flag of the afternoon came out in Lap 485 when the Number 38 … Continue Reading

L’Affaire NASCAR: The Yellow Caution Flag Comes Out

Attentive readers of this blog probably noticed the posting below about the FCC’s sponsorship of the Number 38 Digital TV Transition Ford Fusion. And really attentive readers may have noticed that, in the accompanying graphic, it originally appeared that Commissioner Copps was riding shotgun while Chairman Martin did the steering. The graphic no longer includes Copps because … Continue Reading

Embedded Advertising Proceeding Deadlines Set

Last month, we reported on the Notice of Inquiry and Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NOI/NPRM) launched by the Commission to examine "embedded advertising" in light of the dramatic increase in the use of "product placement" and "product integration." Advertisers have become increasingly reliant on such techniques as technology has enabled viewers to circumvent traditional … Continue Reading

Embedded advertising in the cross-hairs

By Harry Cole

The Commission has released a Notice of Inquiry and Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NOI/NPRM) in which it expresses concern about the practice of "embedded advertising"- and its two primary components, "product placement" and "product integration"- in current programming, particularly as those practices implicate the sponsorship identification rules.  According to the Commission, "product placement" involves the mere use of commercial products as props, while "product integration" entails the inclusion of such products in the ...

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