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Beware of Fake FCC Websites

 ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! We have discovered two fake FCC websites set up to intercept your financial information when you pay FCC fees.  These appear to be "phishing" sites designed to resemble the FCC’s official site, in order to dupe the unwary into uploading confidential information which can then be utilized by the sites’ creators. DO … Continue Reading

Deadline for Reg Fee Payment Set

It’s official!! The FCC has announced that the deadline for filing 2008 regulatory fees is 11:59 p.m. on September 25, 2008.  The announcement was made in the context of a notice issued by the Commission providing information about the available mechanisms for paying the fee. Whatever payment approach you use, you would be well-advised to use … Continue Reading

The Reg Fee Payment Window Is Open

Although the FCC has not yet formally said so, a recent visit to the FCC’s website indicates that it is now possible to pay 2008 Regulatory Fees on-line through the Commission’s Fee Filer system (http://www.fcc.gov/fees/feefiler.html).   The Commission has not yet announced the deadline by which reg fees must be made this year. But in view of … Continue Reading

2008 Reg Fees Adopted

The FCC has adopted the schedule for 2008 regulatory fees, although in so doing it did not indicate the deadline by which this year’s fees must be filed.  Check back here for updates.  While the schedule as originally proposed last Spring included a number of increases over the 2007 fees (see the article in FHH’s … Continue Reading