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Court Affirms Most Webcasting Royalty Rules

The D.C. Circuit has (with one minor exception) affirmed the 2007 webcasting royalty decision of the Copyright Royalty Judges, AFTER the private parties affected by the royalty decision had worked out various deals largely circumventing the CRJ decision. And for the second time in two weeks, the Court has mentioned, without resolving, serious questions about the constitutionality of the CRJs.… Continue Reading

Big Trouble in Streaming Media

We wrote a couple weeks ago about a patent infringement lawsuit filed against several major radio broadcasters for their unauthorized use of software that allows them to replace over-the-air advertisements with webcast-specific ads. Here's an interesting take on the same case by Jerry Del Colliano.… Continue Reading

Streaming Broadcasters: Pay Attention to Patent Action

Radio stations that stream their content onto the Internet will want to keep an eye on a patent lawsuit accusing several major radio companies of patent infringement. The defendants allegedly substituted Internet-friendly content in place of more locally-oriented content that went out over the air, using methods for which the plaintiff supposedly holds a patent.… Continue Reading

Broadcasters Know Their Webcasting Rates; How Will this Affect Webcasting’s Fate?

The National Association of Broadcasters ("NAB") and SoundExchange, the designated "receiving agent" that collects and distributes copyright royalties paid as part of the statutory license applicable to webcasting, have announced a settlement under the "Webcaster Settlement Act" which sets the royalty rates to be paid by broadcasters streaming music on the Internet during the years 2009-2010.… Continue Reading